Energy Conservation and Renewables

Collection of materials on achieving a renewable energy future for Ontario

CELA supports Ontario's Green Energy and Economy Act and sought strong provisions for public access to energy decision-making under this law to protect health and natural heritage values. CELA maintains that Ontario's energy future should not include nuclear power (see related collection: Nuclear Phase-out).

Working in partnership with the Pembina Institute, during 2005 CELA conducted extensive research into the means by which Ontario can achieve a sustainable, renewable energy future including an orderly phase-out of coal and nuclear technologies. (see Power for the Future - published in November, 2005 and linked below).

Media Releases and Blogs

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CELA Denounces McGuinty Government's Decision to Exempt Provincial Energy Plan from Environment Assessment
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Power Supply Mix Public Consultation
Four Days Inadequate for Public Review of 83 Billion Dollar Electricity Plan
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Supply Advice Misses the Mark
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