Climate Change

Collection of CELA's outreach and advocacy materials about climate change

CELA addresses climate change in diverse ways including through our membership in the Climate Action Network, the Green Budget Coalition, Green Prosperity, as well as the Low-Income Energy Network. In all of this work we aim for policy measures that will not disproportionately burden low-income Ontarians.

Media Releases, Announcements, Blogs

Water Justice in a Climate Emergency
Webinar April 11: Who has jurisdiction over carbon pricing in Canada?
CELA in Court Today on Federal Carbon Pricing Matter
Climate Change - How do we move forward in Ontario - Provincial
Climate Change - How do we move forward in Ontario - Local
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Climate Change - How do we move forward in Ontario - Federal
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$900 Million from Ontario's Cap and Trade Program to Help with Energy Retrofits and Energy Efficiency
We’ll always have Paris? How the Trans Pacific Partnership threatens Canada’s climate commitments
Getting FIT: How Ontario Became a Green Energy Leader
CELA Celebrates Passage of the Climate Change Law
Amendments to cap and trade bill make gains for low-income and vulnerable communities
Time is running out to fix the Cap and Trade Bill
Ontario’s proposed cap-and-trade plan gives too much away, fails vulnerable communities
Green Budget Coalition 2016
CELA applauds Federal announcement of $2.65 billion in global climate investment
CELA is a signatory to the leap manifesto
The Alternative Fuels Environmental Three-Step: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Canada misses end of March deadline for announcing its contribution to global efforts to reduce carbon pollution
Canada barely outperforms Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia on climate protection performance

Publications and Responses to Consultations