Proposed Southwestern Landfill

Another EA battle over another mega-landfill at another unsuitable site

CELA represents the Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL) Alliance in a highly contentious landfill case near the Town of Ingersoll in Oxford County. Local municipalities and other stakeholders also oppose the proposed landfill.

A private proponent (Walker Environmental Group) has proposed to construct and operate the so-called “Southwestern Landfill” which, if approved, would operate for 20 years and receive 17,000,000 tonnes of solid waste from all over Ontario. The landfill is proposed for quarry lands currently owned by a third-party, which is obliged to rehabilitate the lands under the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA).

The landfill proposal requires an individual environmental assessment (EA) under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act,. The proponent has recently proposed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the EA process, and CELA, OPAL and their technical experts have filed detailed submissions requesting the Environment Minister to refuse approval of the TOR. Among other things, these submissions describe numerous gaps and deficiencies in the TOR, and raise serious objections to the proposed landfill at the quarry location, particularly in light of potential groundwater, surface water and air quality/odour impacts.This ongoing landfill fight will likely serve as a test case under the EA Act, the ARA and other provincial statutes, especially in relation to the assessment of cumulative effects.
                                                                                        (photo credit: Kim Osmond)