Neonicotinoid Pesticides

CELA's responses to "neonic" pesticide registration decisions and other regulatory actions to limit their use.

CELA responds to regulatory proposals to address the environmental risks from neonicotinoid pesticides, widely implicated in the decline of pollinators world-wide.

As well, CELA represented Sierra Club Canada Foundation in a Notice of Objection to the decision by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to extend a conditional registration of four Clothianidin pesticide products, suspected of killing bees. The Notice of Objection (NOO) was filed in September of 2013 jointly with three other environmental organizations - the Suzuki Foundation, Équiterre, and the Wilderness Committte, represented by Ecojustice. Our NOO seeking an independent Board of Review of the Clothianidin decision was turned down. However, our work contributed to the federal government's decision in 2016 to discontinue to practice of conditional registrations for any new pesticide registrations.

Media Releases and Blogs

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