Citizens Against Melrose Quarry

CELA represents CAMQ in a legal challenge of a quarry dewatering approval

Picture of a cakeCELA represents the Citizens Against Melrose Quarry (CAMQ), which is a residents’ group concerned about dewatering activities at a limestone quarry located in southeastern Ontario. The Ministry of the Environment recently issued a water-taking permit to allow the proponent to pump out millions of litres of water from the quarry in order to facilitate aggregate extraction below the water table. On behalf of CAMQ, CELA has applied to the Environmental Review Tribunal for leave (permission) to appeal the water-taking permit. In October 2014, the Tribunal granted CAMQ leave to appeal the permit in its entirety. In November 2014, CELA filed an appeal against the water-taking permit on behalf of the CAMQ. In January 2015, the Tribunal will hold a preliminary hearing regarding the appeal.

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