Toxics Use Reduction, Rotterdam Convention, Environmental Law and Policy Texts

CELA Bulletin 69: 10-October-2008 Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association In this issue:

  • Comment Deadline for Ontario's Proposals for Toxics Reduction; E-mail your MPP
  • Groups Seek Controls on Highly Toxic Substances under Rotterdam Convention
  • CELA Staff Co-Author Chapters in Environmental Law and Policy Texts

Deadline for Comments on "Creating Ontario's Toxics Reduction Strategy; Email your MPP To correct an error in last week's CELA Bulletin - please note that the consultation deadline to respond to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment  Discussion Paper is October 11th.  CELA encourages the public and public interest groups to review our 28-page submission, including 17 recommendations on the Discussion Paper. See the October 3, 2008 CELA Bulletin for a summary of our comments. Or, send an email to your MPP at the Take Charge on Toxics webpage hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society and co-sponsored by CELA and other respected health, environmental and labour organizations with expertise in environmental health. For more information, please contact:Kathleen Perchaluk, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division, 416-323-7067 Sarah Miller, Canadian Environmental Law Association, 416-960-2284, ext. 213, Joe Castrilli, Canadian Environmental Law Association, 416-960-2284 ext. 218 Groups Call for Parties to Rotterdam Convention to Address Highly Toxic Substances In preparation for the Rotterdam Convention Conference of the Parties later this month, the Rotterdam Convention Alliance, Pesticide Action Network International and the International POPs Elimination Network have prepared a joint statement and position paper. This two-page statement makes five requests of the parties to Rotterdam Convention including the need to respect the scientific process whereby the Convention's expert scientific body recommended that chrysotile asbestos be included among the hazardous chemicals requiring prior informed consent before being exported. For more details, see our Ban Asbestos collection. For more information, please contact:ROCA: Kathleen Ruff, PAN: Abou Thiam,  or Carina Weber, IPEN: Olga Speranskaya, speransk2004@mail.ruFe de Leon, CELA, 416-960-2284 ext. 223 deleonf@cela.caBan Asbestos Canada, CELA Staff Co-Author Chapters in Environmental Law and Policy Texts In two recent offerings from Emond Montgomery Publications, CELA staff, current and past, have written or edited chapters on environmental law and policy related to pesticides, nuclear power, children's health and toxic substances, and Ontario's Clean Water Act. See: An Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy in Canada. Edited by CELA's past-Executive Director, Paul Muldoon with Alastair Lucas, Robert Gibson, and Peter Pickfield. This text contains chapters written by CELA's current Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan and past-Special Projects Counsel Jessica Ginsburg. See: Environmental Challenges and Opportunities; Local-Global Perspectives on Canadian Issues, edited by Christopher Gore and Peter Stoett with a chapter by CELA Senior Researcher Kathleen Cooper and Loren Vanderlinden from Toronto Public Health.  For more information on these texts please contact Dave Stokaluk, Sales Manager at  416-975-3925 ext. 234.