New Report on Great Lakes Pollution

CELA Bulletin 57: 9-February-2006 Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association    In this issue:

  1. New Report on Great Lakes Pollution
  2. Inadequate Public Review of $83 Billion Electricity Plan
  3. Healthy Watersheds, Healthy Communities: Response to Clean Water Act, 2005

1. Canadian Companies Dirtier Air Polluters than U.S. in Great Lakes BasinPollution in the Great Lakes remains a serious problem and Canadian companies are dirtier than their US counterparts. Polllution Watch, (a joint project of CELA and Environmental Defence) has analyzed monitoring data and reports today on emission trends to the Great Lakes basin.On-line:

For more information: Paul Muldoon, Executive Director (416) 960-2284 ext. 219, muldoonp (at) 2. Four Days Inadequate for Public Review of $83 Billion Electricity PlanEnvironmental groups have registered outrage and disappointment with the McGuinty government's plan for public consultation on the proposed long-term electricity supply mix. As of next Monday, the public will have a meagre four days to comment on the $83 Billion plan. The groups have called for a public forum in the style of the Walkerton Inquiry charging that the implications of the electricity plan are no less significant for the Ontario public. On-line:

For more information:Theresa McClenaghan, CELA Counsel (416) 960-2284 ext. 218Dan McDermott, Sierra Club of Canada, Ontario Chapter 416-960-6075Kim Fry, Toronto Environmental Alliance, 416-596-0660 3. Clean Water Act, 2005 - Comments and Recommendations submittedThe Clean Water Act, 2005 continues the work of implementing the Walkerton Inquiry recommendations. If passed, it will provide long-awaited protections for watersheds and watershed communities in Ontario. In a detailed review, CELA supports the proposed law and makes 15 recommendations for further improvement.  On-line:

For more information:Theresa McClenaghan or Jessica Ginsburg (416) 960-2284 ext. 218 and 226  - 30 -