"Cosmetic" Pesticides; Cancer Prevention

CELA Bulletin 
60: 15-January-2008

Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association

In this issue: "Cosmetic" Pesticides; Cancer Prevention

1. Top Health, Environment Leaders Urge World-Class Pesticide Ban for Ontario
2. Ottawa Must Act on Cancer-Causing Pollutants

1. Statement on a Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Released Today

A coaltion of 15 health and environmental organizations today urged the McGuinty government to enact strong legislation banning the use and sale of "cosmetic" pesticides. This unprecedented coalition includes the Ontario Medical Association (Section on Pediatrics), the Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division), the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, the Ontario Public Health Association, CELA, the David Suzuki Foundation and more. In a media release and five-point statement, the groups call for legislation to be passed in 2008.

For more information: Kathleen Cooper, 416-960-2284, ext. 221 or cell: 705-341-2488

2. Calling for federal action to control environmental links to cancer

CELA Researcher Fe de Leon calls for a federal cancer pollution law in yesterday's Toronto Star. This commentary points to the mounting evidence about environmental links to cancer and statistics about rising rates of both cancer and its costs to the health care system. Echoing calls by the Canadian Cancer Society for a provincial cancer control strategy, a similar approach is warranted federally based on principles of precaution and prevention. (the article is also archived on CELA's website)

For more information: Fe de Leon, 416-960-2284 ext 223