CELEBRATION! Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban; Green Energy; Cancer Prevention Challenge

CELA Bulletin

74: 4-March-2009

Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association

In this issue:

  • CELEBRATION! Ontario Announces Proclamation of Strong Law Banning Cosmetic Pesticide Use
  • Welcome Measures for Low Income Ontarians and Renewable Energy in proposed Green Energy Act
  • Cancer Prevention Challenge 2009 - Honouring Michelle Swenarchuk

Decisive Precautionary Action in Ontario with Final Proclamation of Law Banning Cosmetic Pesticide Use

In a media release issued today CELA joins colleagues in the environmental movement, the child care sector, environmental health professionals, and progressive public health officials in celebrating passage of Ontario's bold and visionary leadership in banning the use and sale of pesticides for cosmetic purposes - those pesticides used simply to maintain the appearance of lawns and gardens. This new law enjoys very strong public support derived directly from concern about that reality of multiple chemical exposures and wanting to see a precautionary response - eliminating exposures where and when we can.

For more information:
Theresa McClenaghan, theresa@cela.ca 416-960-2284 ext. 219
Kathleen Cooper, kcooper@cela.ca 705-341-2488

Banning Cosmetic Use of Pesticides - CELA's on-line collection of materials in support of province-wide ban
Hudson, Quebec Pesticide By-law - CELA's on-line collection of materials related to the Supreme Court of Canada Decision on Municipal Powers to Set By-Laws
Ministry of Environment Banning Pesticides page


CELA Welcomes Ontario's Proposed Green Energy Act

In a media release last week concerning Ontario's proposed Green Energy Act, CELA welcomed provisions aimed at providing access to energy conservation programs for low income Ontarians and looks forward to broader discussions regarding rate assistance and alleviation of energy poverty. Also in the Act as proposed are provisions intended to improve planning and siting of new renewable power projects. In comprehensive reports like Power for the Future, and Renewable is Doable, the potential for renewable projects is demonstrated without the need for nuclear or coal power, dinosaur technologies with devastating impacts. CELA will advocate for thorough public input provisions in the bill to ensure that the very best health and environmental standards are in place, and that biomass energy projects do not inadvertently create new problems in our forests and agricultural lands.

For more information:
Richard D. Lindgren 416-960-2284 ext. 214
Theresa McClenaghan 416-960-2284 ext. 219

More details on-line:
Green Energy Act
Green Energy Act Alliance
Renewable is Doable
Power for the Future
Low Income Energy Network

Environmental Registry: Link to consultation on proposed bill (note: if link expires, search Registry for item 010-6017)


Cancer Prevention Challenge 2009 - Honouring Michelle Swenarchuk

The 2009 Cancer Prevention Challenge (originally the Run, Walk and Roll for Cancer Prevention) is a group of Canadian labour and environmental-health groups that have worked together since 2004 to raise funds for projects focused on preventing cancer – to stopping the disease before it starts. This year's challenge is dedicated to the life and memory of Michelle Swenarchuk, CELA's cherished former Executive Director and renowned for her contribution to Canadian environmental law and policy. Visit the CPC website for lots of great ideas to help raise money for cancer prevention and to view a profile about Michelle in the CPC Hall of Honour.