CELA at Darlington Public Hearings Today: need for new reactors not demonstrated, alternatives not evaluated

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80:  4-April-2011

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CELA at Darlington Public Hearings Today: need for new reactors not demonstrated, alternatives not evaluated

CELA is participating in and closely monitoring public hearings currently being held by the Joint Review Panel for a Proposed Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project. CELA Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan and Counsel Richard Lindgren will speak to the panel during this afternoon's session.  ( Live Webcast)

CELA will raise multiple concerns with a seriously flawed environmental assessment (EA) effort that is not reviewing either the need for, or alternatives to, the proposal to build new reactors at Darlington. The central task of any EA is to assess a proposal against other alternatives including comparing the possible environmental effects of each. The proposal is not being assessed in light of future electricity demand or the contribution of key alternatives including renewable power and conservation.

The hearing panel has heard repeatedly from other groups, from members of the public, and in questions raised by CELA, grave concerns that long term handling of nuclear waste generated by the proposed reactors is also not being addressed, a central issue in any consideration of the impacts of energy alternatives.

The panel has also heard concerns that the EA does not address the impact of serious accidents nor even future planning for accidents. As the disaster in Japan unfolds, this public review into building more reactors in Canada occurs for an industry that has no liability beyond $75 million in the event of an accident alongside loan guarantees and massive taxpayer-financed subsidies.

Nor does the EA state what reactor technology would be used, information that is fundamental to a critical assessment. The panel has granted intervenors the right to file final written submissions and CELA will address these many issues in writing to the panel.

For more information:
Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director and Counsel 416-662-8341 cell
Richard Lindgren, Counsel, 613-385-1686 r.lindgren@sympatico.ca


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