August 2013 Bulletin

CELA and others send Great Lakes letter to Environment Ministers

CELA joined several environmental organizations such as Environmental Defence and Ecojustice in writing a letter expressing concern regarding the delays in finalizing a new Canada-Ontario Agreement respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem (COA). The previous COA was signed in 2007 and expired in June 2012. The revised COA is now over a year late.

Thoughts on Ontario’s Carbon Tax

In this blog post, CELA counsel Rizwan Khan, addresses Ontario's reluctance to implement a carbon tax. A carbon tax puts a price on the emission of each tonne of GHG creating a cost incentive that ideally elicits a market response across an entire economy to reduce GHG emissions. Unfortunately, the Provincial government’s reluctance to implement a carbon tax as part of its carbon-pricing regime prevents access to a tool that increases flexibility in implementing GHG policy objectives.

CELA's nuclear phase-out materials

CELA is a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout (CNP), a national coalition of over 200 organizations who support the phase-out of Canada's nuclear power program on environmental, health and safety, economic and ethical grounds. CELA is strongly opposed to any attempts to revive this industry. We have resources detailing the pitfalls of nuclear energy. Visit our collection of publications, articles and media releases written by CELA and in conjunction with members of CNP.