Intervenor: vol. 26, no. 1, January - March 2001

CELA at the Turn of the Century - Executive Director's Report

On March 27, 2001, CELA celebrated its 30th anniversary with a reception at the Great Hall at the Osgoode Hall court house in downtown Toronto. With over 200 guests, it was a wonderful opportunity for both staff and board alumni to meet again and to touch base with lawyers, consultants, fellow environmentalists, former and present clients and others in a casual atmosphere. Those on hand also had the honour of hearing from a number of speakers. The speakers included Robert Armstrong, Q.C., Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada; Angela Longo, C.E.O. of Legal Aid Ontario; Justice Stephen Goudge, Ontario Court of Appeal; Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario; Brennain Lloyd from Northwatch; John Willms, Barrister and Solicitor; Bruce Davidson, Concerned Walkerton Citizens; and Patty Barrera from Common Frontiers. A special presentation was made to Sarah Miller, CELA Coordinator, for her some 23 years of service at CELA. A very special thanks is due to Alan Levy, a CELA board member, who spearheaded the organizing of the event and made the event happen through his expert fundraising skills.

This issue contains an article written by Alan Levy to commemorate CELA's 30th anniversary. Furthermore, this issue marks the first issue of the new electronic format of the Intervenor. As an online newsletter, the articles and information found in the Intervenor are more easily accessible to a broader audience. Moreover, the new format yields valuable savings to CELA at this time when the organization's resources continue to be stretched. Since last fall, CELA has been trying to focus more of its communications through its web site. Hence, the Intervenor is only one component of its communication strategy and in this regard it is being reformatted with the web site in mind. One recent innovation is the CELA E-Bulletin. This short but dense information package is forwarded to anyone on the CELA list and includes important CELA events, updates on cases, important law reform and community public education information, and much more.

The Walkerton Inquiry continues to consume considerable time at CELA. An article in this issue updates readers on this matter in terms of both the formal hearings part of the inquiry as well as the policy development aspects of it. CELA's formal role in the Inquiry is expected to be completed by the end of the summer or early fall.

Paul Muldoon is a lawyer at CELA