Nuclear Phase-Out

CELA is a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout (CNP), a national coalition of over 200 organizations who support the phase-out of Canada's nuclear power program on environmental, health and safety, economic and ethical grounds. CELA is strongly opposed to any attempts to revive this industry as a misguided solution to the problems of climate change.

Below are collected publications, articles and media releases written by CELA and in conjunction with members of CNP.

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Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Refurbishment
Darlington New Build Joint Review Panel
Pickering Nuclear Generating Station Life Extension
Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Nuclear Waste
Shipping Radioactive Steam Generators in the Great Lakes

Title:Consultation on Draft REGDOC - 3.2.1, Public Information and Disclosure
Resource Type:Letter, Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:12
Date authored:September 28, 2017
Publication number:1137
Author/s:Kerrie Blaise, Brennain Lloyd, Shawn-Patrick Stensil
Author Organization:CELA, Northwatch, and Greenpeace
Title:Comments in Response to the Report of the Expert Panel on the Modernization of the National Energy Board
Resource Type:Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:13
Date authored:June 14, 2017
Publication number:1122
Author/s:Kerrie Blaise and Patrick DeRochie
Author Organization:CELA and Environmental Defence

Jun 02 2017

CELA Commends New Brunswick’s Announcement of Summer 2017 review of Point Lepreau’s Nuclear Emergency Response Plan
Title:Requesting Point Lepreau Nuclear Offsite Plan
Resource Type:Response to Consultation
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# of Pages:57
Date authored:May 17, 2017
Publication number:1118
Author/s:Kerrie Blaise
Author Organization:CELA
Title:Submissions to the CNSC: Emergency Planning at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station
Resource Type:Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
Download PDF file
Download PDF file
Download PDF file
Download PDF file
# of Pages:483
Date authored:April 3, 2017
Publication number:1108
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan, Kerrie Blaise, Morten Siersbaek
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association
Title:Licence to Prepare Site and Site Evaluation for New Reactor Facilities

Re: Comments on comments submitted to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on RegDoc-1.1.1

Resource Type:Commentary
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:6
Date authored:December 22, 2016
Publication number:1097
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan, Shawn-Patrick Stensil
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association, Greenpeace
Title:Nuclear Reactor Life Extensions: Request for Review
Resource Type:Legal Submissions
# of Pages:528
Date authored:December 14, 2016
Publication number:1087
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan, Keshab Dahal, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Mark Matison and Angela Bischoff
Author Organization:CELA, Greenpeace, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and Ontario Clean Air Alliance
Title:Submission Regarding Draft REGDOC‐2.9.1, Environmental Protection: Environmental Assessments
Resource Type:Commentary
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:5
Date authored:March 29, 2016
Publication number:1069
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan and Rizwan Khan
Author Organization:CELA
Title:CELA Submission on Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ Application to amend and extend the Chalk River Laboratories nuclear research and test establishment licence for a period of 17 months
Resource Type:Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:24
Date authored:March 6, 2016
Publication number:1065
Author/s:Rizwan Khan & Theresa McClenaghan
Author Organization:CELA
Title:Emergency preparedness in transportation of radioactive materials
Resource Type:Presentation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:40
Date authored:February 26, 2016
Publication number:1064
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan and Erica Stahl
Author Organization:CELA
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