Improving Ontario Air Quality Standards

CELA has been calling on the Ontario government to change the way it controls air pollution in the province. Ontario’s air pollution approval system is in need of major overhaul. The province has yet to enact enforceable standards for cancer causing-chemicals like benzene and benzo(a)pyrene as promised over four years ago. In communities like Hamilton and Sarnia, industries located very close to residential areas continue to release harmful contaminants into Ontario’s air.

See Environment Canada's National Pollution Release Inventory for current reported pollution levels accross Canada.

Title:Response to Ontario's Proposals to Amend Air Pollution Regulation 419 as it relates to the Forest Products and Foundry Sectors

Joint submission of CELA and Ecojustice to EBR postings: EBR #010-6587 (Amendments to Ontario Regulation 419/05), EBR #010-6589 (Forest Products Sector) and EBR #010-6588 (Foundry Sector).

Resource Type:Letter
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# of Pages:7
Date authored:September 8, 2009
Publication number:671
Author/s:Joseph F. Castrilli and Elaine MacDonald
Author Organization:CELA and Ecojustice Canada

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Clean Air Hamilton's Air Quality and Urban Development Conference

Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 1- 2, January - June 2002

Title:Analysis of Ontario's Industrial Emissions Reduction Program
Resource Type:Report, Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:10
Date authored:August 30, 2004
Author/s:Keith Stewart
Author Organization:Toronto Environmental Alliance and ten endorsing organizations, including CELA
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