I need information about energy efficiency programs available to low income residents in Ontario

This answer is excerpted from our longer FAQ about information for tenants facing renovations or energy efficiency upgrades.

Energy Upgrade Programs for Low-Income Ontario Residents

Programs are available for tenants to obtain energy efficiency upgrades. Information about qualifying for these programs is available from the Ontario Energy Board. This OEB guidance on eligibility is the same as what the OEB uses for deciding on eligibility for the Low-Income Emergency Financial Assistance (LEAP) program.

A province-wide effort is rolling out during 2012 to provide energy efficiency upgrades for low-income people in Ontario, including tenants. But, delivery is occurring by LDC’s or Local Delivery Companies. Your LDC could be your gas utility or your local electrical utility.

The following list is not comprehensive but should be a good starting point to find out about local programs:

  • For electricity savings, check out the SaveOnEnergy Home Assistance Program. As of June 2012, this program is building but is not yet available across the province. Visit: https://saveonenergy.ca/homeassistance or call the Ontario Power Authority for information about local availability. 1-877-797-7534. See also, this useful FAQs page
  • Eligible upgrades are dependent on the type of home, hot water and heating system, as well as the inefficiency of existing appliances and lights. HAP upgrades are provided and installed at no cost to participants.
  • Typical upgrades include energy-saving light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, weather stripping doors and windows, ENERGY STAR appliances (i.e. air conditioner, freezer, dehumidifier, or refrigerator), as well as wall, attic, or basement insulation. GreenSaver has been contracted by many utilities across the province to administer the HAP program.
  • This $84 million program expires on December 31st, 2014 or until funds are depleted. To find out more, you can contact a GreenSaver HAP customer service representative at 1-855-591-0877,or HAP@greensaver.org or visit http://www.greensaver.org/programs/current-programs/home-assistance-program/
  • For Enbridge Gas customers, programs are being delivered by various local champions. For more information, learn about who can apply, and to obtain an application form, for the following regions visit:
  • GTA, York, Peel and Durham Regions – Green$aver website at www.greensaver.org and select Special Programs tab or call 416-203-3106 (1-888-855-3106 toll-free)
  • Ottawa Area – EnviroCentre at www.envirocentre.ca or call 613-580-2582, ext. 4
  • Niagara Region – Green Venture at www.greenventure.ca or call 1-866-540-8866
  • Peterborough Area – Peterborough Green Up at www.greenup.on.ca or call 1-705-745-3238, ext. 202
  • Simcoe County – Environment Network at www.environmentnetwork.org or call 1-866-377-0551
  • Social housing providers should contact GLOBE (Green Light on a Better Environment), a subsidiary of the Housing Services Corporation (HSC), at www.globeservices.ca or call 1-877-733-7472
  • For Union Gas customers, check out their Free Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program

For more information on the above programs and other programs, visit the Energy Assistance page provided by the Low-Income Energy Network

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Last updated March 2014