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Oct 31 2016

October, 2016 CELA Bulletin


  • Challenging all MPs to support a radon tax credit
  • CELA encourages Ontario to adopt 100% renewablesin its Long-Term Energy Plan
  • Calling for healthier homes within the National Housing Strategy
  • Improving the Conservation Authorities Act Review
  • After many years, minimal action on flame retardants
  • Celebrating the Consumer Product Safety Annual Report
  • Using EA to address climate change
  • BLOG: Time to get serious about EA reform in Ontario
  • Court upholds OMB decision that protects CELA clients
  • Calling for an end to liquid nuclear waste convoys
  • The Environmental Toolkit Workshop
  • GUEST BLOG: Too much power? Then why keep Pickering running?
  • BLOG: Spending cap and trade revenue on low-income Ontarians