News and Events

Apr 28 2017

Canadian position at international chemicals meeting ignores consumer product contamination problems; is at odds with public health protection

Apr 19 2017

Shedding Light on Ontario's Energy Sector - LIEN conference May 17th

Mar 28 2017

CELA's Barbora Grochalova to Speak at Climate Symposium - May 11-12

Mar 27 2017

Low-Income Energy Network 2017 AGM

Mar 06 2017

House of Commons committee to open hearings on neonic pesticide with industry-biased panel

Mar 02 2017

Vulnerable Ontarians to see significant reductions in their electricity bills

Mar 01 2017

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Feb 08 2017

Webinar on March 2nd - Lead in Drinking Water

Jan 30 2017

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Dec 23 2016

Healthy Great Lakes Program Launch

Dec 19 2016

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Dec 15 2016

Government’s announcement to ban asbestos: Groups express support but asbestos work not yet complete

Dec 13 2016

Public opinion reaches tipping point on environmental rights

Dec 07 2016

Disconnected customers to get winter relief from Hydro One

Dec 06 2016

Prevent Mesothelioma and other Asbestos Diseases in Canada

Dec 01 2016

Auditor General Slams Ontario’s Outdated Environmental Assessment Act – Groups Urge Government to Act

Nov 28 2016

European and Canadian Civil Society Groups Call for Rejection of CETA

Nov 17 2016

Tell Premier Wynne you want a 100% renewable Ontario

Nov 09 2016

Radon and children's health - a webinar for the child care sector

Nov 01 2016

Canadians Are Playing Radon Roulette

Oct 31 2016

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Oct 26 2016

Challenging all MPs to support a radon tax credit

Oct 26 2016

Media Advisory: Great Lakes and St Lawrence Day at Parliament Hill - October 27, 2016

Oct 25 2016

Ontario’s best plan is a move to 100 per cent renewable energy

Oct 21 2016

93 Federal Ridings with more than 10% of Homes Likely to Have Above-Guideline Radon Levels

Oct 19 2016

Compliance and Enforcement Annual Report on Consumer Products Safety Necessary to Improve Protection from Hazardous Products in Canada

Oct 18 2016

Long-Term Energy Plan Statement

Oct 06 2016

Environmental groups on new flame retardant prohibitions: One step forward, still a long way to go

Oct 03 2016

Liquid Nuclear Waste Convoys

Sep 30 2016

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility - Notice of News Conference

Sep 29 2016

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Sep 27 2016

Major Setback on Road to Renewables - CELA Decries Ontario Government Cancellation of 1000 MW of Renewable Energy Procurement

Sep 27 2016

Provincial growth plan and nuclear plans on collision course

Sep 20 2016

Legal Toolkit with Ecojustice, CEC and CELA

Sep 07 2016

TPP Day of Action September 16 2016

Jul 28 2016

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Jun 02 2016

CELA Celebrates Feds Decision to Stop Conditional Registrations of Pesticides

Jun 01 2016

CELA Applauds Action on Chemicals of Mutual Concern in the Great Lakes

May 19 2016

CELA Celebrates Passage of the Climate Change Law