News and Events

Apr 24 2014

Crowdfunding to Support the Experimental Lakes Area

Apr 23 2014

Advocacy group applauds Energy Minister’s proactive move to help vulnerable consumers pay their bills

Apr 09 2014

Back to Basics with Hand-Washing - Say “No” to Antibacterial Soaps in Schools

Mar 26 2014

More Than a Decade is Too Long to Wait for Action on Pesticides Suspected in Bee Deaths: Stop stalling, environmental groups tell Minister

Mar 25 2014

Time for Energy Rate Affordability Program in Ontario

Mar 17 2014

Water & Energy: Urban Infrastructure Explored - March 20th World Water Day Event

Feb 13 2014

Experts Add Radon Test to ‘Must-Dos’ for Home Safety — as Important as Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Dec 03 2013

Long-Term Energy Plan a positive move, but affordable energy rate program needed to protect the vulnerable

Dec 02 2013

Health advocates call on Indian government to end all use of asbestos

Nov 26 2013

‘Green’ the federal budget, says coalition of environmental groups

Nov 22 2013

Budget bill changes Canada Labour Code to drastically cut health protection for federally-regulated workers

Nov 20 2013

Children’s Furniture Found with Harmful Flame Retardant Chemicals

Nov 12 2013

Environmentalists in court to challenge plans for new Ontario nuclear reactors

Nov 07 2013

US Agency Removes Niagara-Area Hazardous Waste Site from Superfund Priority List, Despite Concerns of Governments in Canada and Bi-National Environmental Citizens Coalition

Nov 05 2013

Ontario Local Food Act passes with further improvements

Oct 18 2013

Canada –EU Trade Deal Drastically Undermines Environmental Protection says Canadian Environmental Law Association

Oct 17 2013

Broad interpretation of environmental laws upheld by Canada’s highest court

Oct 16 2013

CELA Celebrates Ontario’s Unanimous Passage of Skin Cancer Prevention Act

Oct 16 2013

Canada’s highest court to release decision on how broadly environmental laws may be interpreted to protect the public

Oct 11 2013

CELA calls on Canadian government for quick ratification on Minamata Convention on Mercury

Oct 10 2013

CELA Encourages Ontario Government to Act on Reported Decision to Back Away from New Nuclear Plants

Sep 24 2013

Environmental groups demand Health Minister Rona Ambrose take action on bee-killing pesticide

Sep 17 2013

OPG Intends to Double Size of Radioactive Waste Burial on Lake Huron

Jul 11 2013

No Means No! Residents, Mohawks and Environmentalists Apply for Changes in Ontario’s Landfill Law

Jun 24 2013

CELA Commends CNSC for taking time to make its decision on Pickering

Jun 11 2013

Open Letter to Elected Officials Across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: It's Time to Move on Gridlock

Jun 10 2013

CELA Available for Comment in Response to Proposal for New Nuclear Liability Law

Jun 04 2013

Groups Applaud Government's Anti-SLAPP Bill

May 31 2013

Shut Down Pickering Nuclear Station: Theresa McClenaghan talks to us about the importance of nuclear emergency planning and how Ontario is extremely unprepared for any such event.

May 28 2013

Aging Pickering Reactors Too Dangerous to Operate

May 15 2013

Environmental groups intervene before Supreme Court in criminal case

May 14 2013

Torontonians, you have new rights to know more about your environment