News and Events

Mar 26 2015

Advocates working to reduce energy poverty in Ontario welcome new electricity bill affordability program for low-income consumers

Mar 25 2015

Ontario posts draft regulations on neonics – important first step to protect pollinators

Mar 25 2015

Job Opportunity - Counsel

Mar 25 2015

LIEN Currents

Mar 17 2015

Register now for the 2015 LIEN annual conference

Mar 05 2015

97 per cent support Ontario’s plan to restrict bee-killing pesticides

Feb 19 2015

Re-introduction of the Great Lakes Protection Act Wins Praise from Environmental Groups

Jan 28 2015

Environmental groups launch appeal of Darlington nuclear rebuild project

Jan 28 2015

Environmental Tribunal to Commence Hearing on Citizens' Appeal Against Quarry Dewatering Permit

Jan 27 2015

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Jan 26 2015

Job Opening: Manager, Green Budget Coalition

Dec 31 2014

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Dec 12 2014

Get Involved in Ontario’s Pollinator Health Consultations!

Dec 08 2014

Canada barely outperforms Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia on climate protection performance

Dec 04 2014

Good Intentions Don't Justify Bad Environmental Laws

Dec 01 2014

CELA Applauds Government's Anti-SLAPP Bill

Nov 28 2014

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Nov 27 2014

Environment and Health Groups call on Canadian Government to Prohibit Triclosan in All Products

Nov 25 2014

Radon in Homes, Schools, and Workplaces: CELA Finds Legal Protections Lacking

Nov 20 2014

Take Action on Radon!

Oct 30 2014

Ontario Water Law - New Publication Released

Oct 28 2014

Environmental Tribunal Gives Residents’ Group Green Light To Appeal Quarry Dewatering Permit

Sep 24 2014

Thursday October 30th - The Legal Toolkit: Workshop for Environment Non-profits

Sep 18 2014

ARCH Disability Law Centre seeks a Lawyer to assist patients of St. Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health Team through a medical legal partnership: Apply by October 3rd

Aug 05 2014

Residents' Group Files Legal Challenge Against Ontario's Approval of Quarry Dewatering

Jul 10 2014

Your soap may be toxic when flushed down the drain: New GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals Tool Identifies Hazardous Chemicals in Common Household Products

Jul 08 2014

News Advisory: New report on health and environmental threats of “anti-bacterial” consumer products (to be released July 10 at noon)

Jun 09 2014

Provincial Parties will weigh in on future of Lake Huron nuclear waste burial

Jun 09 2014

2014 Provincial Election - Where the parties stand

May 26 2014

CELA Donating Contents of Large Historical Archive of Environmental Publications – Are You Interested?

May 15 2014

Federal Court Nixes Approval of New Reactors

May 13 2014

Part-time Digital Archivist - 2 year Contract

May 12 2014

CELA is Accepting Applicants for 2015-16 Articling Position

Apr 30 2014

Politicians urged to tackle traffic woes

Apr 24 2014

Crowdfunding to Support the Experimental Lakes Area

Apr 23 2014

Advocacy group applauds Energy Minister’s proactive move to help vulnerable consumers pay their bills

Apr 09 2014

Back to Basics with Hand-Washing - Say “No” to Antibacterial Soaps in Schools