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Apr 22 1999

Earth Day Spent in Court over Mega-Dump: Northerners Ask Court to Block Approval of Adams Mine Landfill

Mar 26 1999

Cancer Rates on the Rise with Environmental and Workplace Factors to Blame

Mar 17 1999

Northerners Ask Court to Block Approval of Super-Dump

Feb 22 1999

Ontario Hydro Should be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act

Feb 22 1999

Ontario Hydro Should Be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act Say Environmental and Energy Watchdog Groups

Jan 11 1999

CELA v. Environment Minister in Federal Court, January 12, 1999

Dec 07 1998

Our Water is Not for Sale

Oct 20 1998

What's on the Hill Menu? Toxics in Food, Not Legislative Controls on Toxics

Sep 29 1998

Who Needs a Legislature? "Red Tape" Bill Gives Sweeping Powers to Cabinet with Wholesale By-Pass of the Legislative Process

Sep 17 1998

Background on the Proposal to Turn the Adams Mine into a Garbage Dump

Sep 17 1998

Government Taken to Court Over Dump Approval

Sep 01 1998

Citizens Take Dump Decision to Court

Aug 06 1998

Environmental Justice Denied: Ontario Government Refuses to Hold Public Hearing on Cochrane's Proposed Dump

Jul 03 1998

Canada Must Now Keep Commitment to Eliminate Pollutants

Jun 30 1998

Coalition Launching Appeal of Dump Decision

Jun 18 1998

Adams Mine Decision Expected This Week

Jun 15 1998

Neighbours Condemn Government Cleanup of Illegal Tire Dump

Jun 02 1998

Environmental Law Organizations Cannot Support the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Reform Bill, Call on Commons Environment Committee for Re-write

May 26 1998

Public Rights Lost Under Proposed Development Permit System

May 06 1998

CELA Calls for Federal Moratorium on Water Exports and Binding Great Lakes Treaty