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Dec 10 2001

Health and Environment Groups Urge Feds to Refuse Human Testing of Pesticides

Sep 27 2001

Supreme Court of Canada Gives Green Light to Pollution Lawsuit Against Ontario Government

Jul 13 2001

Friends of Red Hill Valley Seek to Intervene in Appeal

Jun 28 2001

Victory for Pesticide Reduction and Local Democracy

May 24 2001

Concerned Walkerton Citizens, CELA urge -- Provincial Safe Drinking Water Legislation Must be Walkerton's Legacy

May 23 2001

Canada Signs and Ratifies Stockholm Convention on Toxic Substances

Apr 11 2001

Environmental Groups Objections Highlight Need for New Pesticide Law

Mar 07 2001

CELA Demands Immediate Regulatory Action on Lead in Consumer Products

Dec 06 2000

Anti-Pesticide By-Law Challenged at Supreme Court

Dec 05 2000

Concerned groups challenge governments on export and diversion of Great Lakes water

Dec 04 2000

Environmentalists urge Canada to push for strong international agreement to eliminate POPs

Nov 24 2000

Court to Determine Whether Federal Environmental Law Applies to Proposed Red Hill Expressway

Sep 28 2000

CELA Urges Feds to Appeal Oncomouse Decision to the Supreme Court

Sep 28 2000

Environmentalists Urge All-Party Support For Proposed Safe Drinking Water Law In Ontario

Sep 26 2000

Environmental and Citizens' Groups File Pesticide Arguments with Supreme Court

Sep 14 2000


Sep 14 2000

Canadian Environmentalists Say: Nuclear Power Is No Solution To Climate Change

Sep 14 2000

Groups Find Serious Deficiencies In Newly Revised Plan For Dealing With Plutonium Spill; Seek Extended Public Comment Period

Aug 31 2000

Legal Challenge Prompts Public Accountability; Consultation Reveals AECL Unable to Confirm Safety of Plutonium Flights

Aug 08 2000

Environmentalists Pan Drinking Water Regulation Proposed by Ontario