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Jun 19 2003

Canadian polluters increased chemical releases by 20% from 1995 to 2001 according to PollutionWatch

Jun 18 2003

Court Rules that Environment Minister Failed to comply with Ontario's Environmental Assessment Act

May 20 2003

Pesticide Bylaw Partnership Makes Final Push

Apr 01 2003

Medical Officer of Health Details Bylaw to Ban Pesticides

Feb 04 2003

Mohawks and Local Residents get their Day in Court to Oppose Mega-Dump Proposal

Dec 05 2002

Environmentalists Applaud Supreme Court Decision that Animals Cannot be Patented

Dec 04 2002

The Harvard Oncomouse Case

Dec 04 2002

Oncomouse Decision Coming from the Supreme Court, Thursday, December 5, 2002

Nov 26 2002

CELA Urges Eves Government to Amend Deficient Drinking Water Bills

Nov 08 2002

Health Professionals, Labour and Environment Groups Call for a Toronto Pesticide Bylaw

Sep 25 2002

CELA urges Ontario to enact strong Safe Drinking Water Act

Jun 12 2002

Environmental Planning Law a Dismal Failure Published Report Finds - Backgrounder

Jun 12 2002

Environmental Planning Law a Dismal Failure Published Report Finds

Jun 04 2002

Government Missing Opportunity to Protect Children and Wildlife from Pesticides

May 29 2002

CELA says "trade rules will interfere with Walkerton recommendations"

May 23 2002

Groups Say Canada loses lead on toxics action

May 23 2002

CELA Applauds Walkerton Report

Apr 15 2002

CELA to Represent Citizens at OMYA-Tay River Appeals

Mar 21 2002

Coalition Urges Minister: Make Changes to Pesticides Act That Matter

Feb 15 2002

Comments by the Canadian Environmental Law Association concerning Bill 155, An Act respecting the cost of water and waste water services.