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May 17 2004

Canada Must Build on Toxics Treaty

May 14 2004

CELA Requests Environmental Commissioner To Investigate Ontario’s Refusal To Fix Deficient Water Well Regulation

May 11 2004

Energy conservation could save Ontario $14 billion: new study

Apr 14 2004

Consumer Protection and Energy Efficiency Strategies Released

Apr 13 2004

Energy Efficiency Underestimated: 40% Reduction in Ontario Electricity Demand Possible by 2020

Mar 29 2004

Lights out for low-income hydro consumers?

Mar 22 2004

Ontario Government Needs to Look Before Taking Nuclear Leap

Mar 13 2004

Source Water Protection - ACTION NEEDED NOW!!

Mar 01 2004

Citizens Challenge Radioactive Waste Plans

Feb 20 2004

Group Says Fund Pesticide Bylaw

Feb 12 2004

Province Moves Forward On Source Protection

Jan 16 2004

Environment Ministry Restricts OMYA's Water-Taking

Dec 18 2003

Ontario Moves to Protect Water and Stop Giving it Away

Dec 18 2003

CELA Appointed to Source Protection Committee

Dec 16 2003

CELA Applauds Planning Act Changes

Dec 12 2003

Superior Court Dismisses Industry Challenge of Toronto Pesticide By-law

Nov 27 2003

High Levels of Toxic Chemicals Pollute British Columbia

Nov 05 2003

Environmentalists call upon McGuinty Government to fix Deficient Water Well Regulation

Sep 23 2003

Dirty Air from Power Plants Fuels Health Problems in Nova Scotia

Jun 19 2003

Canadian polluters increased chemical releases by 20% from 1995 to 2001 according to PollutionWatch