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May 31 2005

Environmentalists Applaud Release of Ontario's Progress Report on Drinking Water Safety

May 24 2005

Government Needs to Affirm its Commitment to Protect Water in Ontario

May 24 2005

Environmentalists Challenge Radioactive Waste Plan

May 24 2005

New Report Provides More Pollution Bad News: Ontario one of top polluters, again...

May 13 2005

Ontaro Court of Appeal Releases Pesticides Decision

May 11 2005

Background Information on MISA Facility Spills in Ontario

May 11 2005

Pollution Spills to Environment Are Growing Crisis

Apr 01 2005

Statement from Canadian Environmental Leaders Regarding Canada’s Kyoto Plan

Mar 24 2005

Smart Regulation: Anything but "Smart"

Mar 10 2005

Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear dump appeals

Mar 01 2005

Sarnia Area Facilities Rank High in Ontario's Top 10 List of Respiratory Polluters

Feb 23 2005

Federal budget falls short on Kyoto

Feb 21 2005

Kyoto Plan Headed for Failure

Feb 01 2005

CELA’s website: Great Lakes Information Network “Site of the Month”

Jan 20 2005

LIEN Releases Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program

Dec 14 2004

Ontario moving closer to better water protection

Dec 08 2004

Industry's 'Dirty Air' Secret Exposed

Nov 18 2004

Twelve Million Dollars for Water Protection a Start

Oct 28 2004

Mohawks and Residents' Group File Appeal Applications with the Supreme Court of Canada

Sep 29 2004

BC women contaminated with toxic flame retardants