Spread the word on Anti-SLAPP Legislation

Apr 18 2012

Hi friends,

Fight the bullies! Protect the right to public participation.

Help us get an anti-SLAPP law in Ontario. Please sign this petition and forward it to your friends and networks.

For democracy to work, people need to be able to speak out on issues they care about. We are writing today to ask for your help in protecting the right to speak out on issues of public interest.

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are lawsuits that silence public discussion on important public issues. These lawsuits are meant to intimidate those who speak up, by threatening huge legal fees and a legal battle.

SLAPPs have chilled democratic participation in Ontario, and it’s getting worse. Anti-SLAPP legislation is needed to protect our right to participate in democratic discussions.

Support anti-SLAPP legislation now.

In May 2010, the Attorney-General established an expert advisory panel to recommend content for legislation to stop SLAPPs. Ask Premier McGuiunty to act on those recommendations now.

Your voice is needed. Tell your elected officials that you support an anti-SLAPP law.

Thank you,
from Canadian Environmental Law Association, Ecojustice and Environmental Defence

For more information see: http://environmentaldefence.ca/campaigns/protecting-public-participation

and A Brief on SLAPPs (5 page backgrounder)