Resource Library for the Environment and the Law

The Resource Library for the Environment and the Law was established in 1993 as a not-for-profit charitable organization. It is currently in the process of being moved, along with CELA's office to 55 University Avenue, Suite 1500, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. At this time its materials are in storage and not available while the new space is built. Please call 416-960-2284 to inquire further about when the library will re-open. Ask for either Andrew Pickles or Tracy Tucker to book an appointment to visit the library.

CELA has built this collection since 1970. It currently contains approximately 7000 essential publications on environmental law and policy in Ontario and Canada, as well as some international materials. This assemblage of resources is unique. Many of these publications and government documents can be found nowhere else. The collection comprises books, periodicals, reports and more, from 1970--when the Canadian Environmental Movement began--to the present. Legal Aid Ontario has provided funding for this collection. It is intended to assist CELA staff, the public, and the environmental and legal communities to access information and tools to further environmental justice.

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