Citizen Opposition to Tire-Burning Plans at Lafarge Cement Plant

Collection of materials concerning citizen opposition to ill-conceived MOE approval decision

Via citizen-led efforts to stop plans by Lafarge to burn tires and other waste in an Ontario cement plant, this case is setting important precedents that will greatly assist other Ontario residents in legal appeals of ill-conceived approval decisions by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

Media Releases

Court rejects Lafarge bid to shut down environmental hearing
Environmentalists hail precedent-setting Ontario court victory
Citizens and Environmental Groups File Legal Appeal Against Waste-Burning Approvals Issued to LaFarge by Ontario Government
Tribunal gives green light to appeals against Ontario's approval of waste incineration at LaFarge cement kiln
Residents And Environmental Groups File Appeal Against Ontario’s Approval Of Waste Incineration At Lafarge Cement Kiln


Reprint (Ontario Bar Association - Environews - January, 2009)

Publications and Legal Submissions

DISCLAIMER: The following documents are pleadings which have been filed by the Appellants with the Environmental Review Tribunal, and form part of the public record in this matter. Please be advised that these pleadings contain written allegations which have not yet been proven in proceedings before the Tribunal.