PollutionWatch National Report; Source Protection Funding

CELA Bulletin 51: 8-December-2004 Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association In this issue:

  1. PollutionWatch Releases National Report on Pollution - Going Up
  2. Ontario Government Funds Source Protection

1. PollutionWatch National Report - Industry's 'Dirty Air' Secret ExposedCanadian industries spewed out close to 4 billion kilograms (3,868,307,111) of harmful air pollutants that damage human health and cause smog and acid rain, says a new report released in Ottawa today by Environmental Defence and the Canadian Environmental Law Association. The national report, Shattering the Myth of Pollution Progress in Canada, found that 96% of reported air pollution in 2002 was made up of pollutants associated with respiratory illnesses. The analysis, completed using the newly-updated www.PollutionWatch.org, is based on pollution data submitted by industry to Environment Canada for its national pollution reporting program – the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI). The 2002 data are the most recently available for Canada. www.PollutionWatch.org is an interactive web site that tracks pollution across Canada.For more information or to arrange an interview: Jennifer Foulds, Environmental Defence, (416) 323-9521 ext. 232; (647) 280-9521 (cell)Fe de Leon, Canadian Environmental Law Association, (416) 998-0997 (cell)On-line: December 8/04 Media Release: Industry's 'Dirty Air' Secret ExposedVersion francaise: Un secret ‘pas propre’ dévoilé: l’air est plus pollué qu’on le penseShattering the Myth of Pollution Progress in Canada: A National Report 2. Ontario Government Funds Source Protection On November 18th, Ontario Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky and Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced 12.5 million dollars in funding for watershed-based source protection. Funds are directed to conservation authorities and municipalities to hire expert staff, enhance information management, initiate public outreach, complete watershed-based water budgets, and to do further groundwater studies in areas across the province. Watershed-based drinking water source protection was one of the fundamental recommendations of Justice O’Connor arising out of the Walkerton Inquiry. Source protection is essential to keep pathogens and other contaminants out of Ontario’s sources of drinking water. CELA counsel Theresa McClenaghan sits on the province’s Implementation Committee on source protection to advise the Minister of the Environment with respect to needed new implementation and funding tools for source protection. The province’s two advisory committees on source protection submitted their reports to the Minister in November and CELA hopes that the province will introduce source protection legislation in early 2005.For more information: Theresa McClenaghan, CounselTel.: 416-960-2284 ext. 218 or Cell: 519-757-5266 E-mail: mcclenaghan (at) execulink.com Darryl Finnigan, CELA’s Water Campaigner Tel.: 416-960-2284 ext. 224 E-mail: water (at) cela.ca On-line: November 18/04 Media Release: Twelve Million Dollars for Water Protection a StartProtecting Ontario's Water Now and Forever: A Statement of Expectations for Watershed-Based Source Protection from Ontario's Non Governmental OrganizationsCollection of CELA's on-line materials on Source Protection  - 30 -