CELA Bulletin

CELA Bulletin Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association47: 10-June-2004In this issue: time to ban BFRs, planning reform, and protecting water resources

  1. Brominated Flame Retardants Should be Banned
  2. Planning Reform in Ontario
  3. Steady Progress Towards Drinking Water Source Protection in Ontario
  4. Ontario's Water Taking Moratorium Upheld
  5. CELA supports protection for Adam's Mine Lake and all lakes from waste disposal
1.      The Need to Ban Brominated Flame Retardants  CELA and Environmental Defence Canada are calling upon Environment Minister David Anderson to take immediate steps to phase-out and ban brominated flame retardants. Seen by many scientists as the "new PCBs", brominated flame retardants are highly persistent and toxic. They are suspected to cause cancer and effects on reproduction and development, including brain development. Levels in wildlife and human tissues, particularly human breastmilk are rising rapidly. They are also routinely found in housedust. European countries and three US states have taken steps to ban the most noxious members of this group of chemicals. For more information:Paul Muldoon, Executive Director and Counsel 416-960-2284, ext. 219Rick Smith, Executive Director, Environmental Defence Canada, 416-323-9521 On-line:   June 9, 2004 Media Release: Canada Lagging Behind on Response to "new PCBs": Canada Lagging Behind on Response to 'new PCBs': Everyday Household Items Could Contain ToxicsCollection of materials about flame retardants  on www.healthyenvironmentforkids.ca 2.      Planning Reform in Ontario: Ministry of Municipal Affairs Launches Extensive Planning Act and Ontario Municipal Board ConsultationsCELA is analyzing proposed reforms to the land use planning regime in Ontario in response to the June 1st release of a new Provincial Policy Statement. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is also consulting extensively on changes to the Planning Act and on possible changes to the Ontario Municipal Board.  Several public information sessions are planned around the province. The deadline for public input is August 31, 2004.  On the whole, CELA contends that the proposed changes strengthen many important planning provisions. On curbing sprawl for example, new provisions mandate directing new growth first to intensification, infill and redevelopment of brownfield (contaminated) lands. The draft policies also improve protection for water resources and anticipate linkage with watershed-based source protection planning which the province is presently developing.For more information:Paul Muldoon, Executive Director and Counsel 416-960-2284 ext 218Theresa McClenaghan, CELA Counsel ext. 218On-line: For the province's consultation documents, information about how to comment and the location of Town Hall meetings and public information sessions, see: http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/userfiles/HTML/nts_1_17365_1.html Related CELA documents:CELA comments regarding Provincial Policy Statement Five Year Review, 2001  December, 2003, Media Release:  CELA Applauds Planning Act Changes, December, 20033.      Steady Progress Towards Drinking Water Source Protection in OntarioIn a joint media release, six of Ontario's leading environmental and conservation organizations applauded the Ontario government's move to allocate more than $50 million to protect Ontario's drinking water in its recently released budget.For more information:Theresa McClenaghan, Counsel, 416-960-2284 ext. 218On-line: June 10, 2004 Media Release: One Step Closer to Protecting Drinking Water in OntarioRecent Publication by CELA and CIELAP : Revenue Raising for Source Protection Planning - Innovative Tools4.      Upholding Ontario's Moratorium on Water Taking - Environmental Review Tribunal Dismisses Appeal by Water Bottling Company CELA's clients, Concerned Citizens of Northumberland celebrated the May 21, 2004 decision by Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal to dismiss an appeal by a local water bottling company. The decision is in line with the Province's moratorium on water taking permits established last December. During the moratorium, the Ministry of Environment will be establishing new rules for the permit-to-take-water program to ensure long-term sustainability of the resource. The water bottling company had appealed a Ministry decision to deny its application to take over 1 million litres of water per day, six times the amount of a previous permit. For more information:Betty Carruthers,  President, Concerned Citizens of Northumberland  (905) 372-3408Ramani Nadarajah, Counsel 416-960-2284 ext. 217On-line:ERT decisions are on-line at: http://www.ert.gov.on.ca/decision.htm (Decision date: May 21, 2004 Case name: 1340152 Ontario Inc. v. MOE) December 18, 2003 CELA Media Release: Ontario Moves to Protect Water and Stop Giving it Away 5. CELA Supports Proposed Law Designating Adams Mine Lake and General Prohibition of Dumping Garbage in LakesCELA has submitted comments to the legislative Standing Committee in Ontario considering Bill 49, The Adams Mine Lake Act. Bill 49 prohibits waste disposal at the Adams Mine Site, revokes certain statutory approvals issued in relation to the proposed Adams Mine landfill and establishes a compensation scheme for the landfill proponent. Bill 49 will also amend Ontario's Environmental Protection Act to prohibit new or expanded landfills in lakes.For more information:Richard Lindgren, Counsel, 613-385-1686On-line:CELA's Submission to the Legislative Committee   CELA Website Adams Mine Collection - 30 -