CELA Bulletin

CELA Bulletin  46: 14-May-2004 Periodic E-News from the Canadian Environmental Law Association1. CELA Launches Redesigned Website 2. Power for Ontario’s Future – Energy Conservation and No Nukes Can Save Billions3. CELA Seeks Investigation on Deficient Wells Regulation in Ontario 4. Staff Contact Information1. CELA Launches Redesigned Website At long last, CELA’s website is redesigned within a fully searchable database. The site contains hundreds of media releases, newsletter articles, summary and detailed publications and frequently asked questions. On-line materials are organized into thematic collections reflecting CELA’s activity in the courts and on a wide range of law reform and public legal education topics. Core programs are featured on the issues of access to justice, water, international trade, toxics and health, and environmental planning. Additional topical collections are provided on energy issues, nuclear phase-out, and much more. This new website is also integrated with the portal website of the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment (CPCHE). The portal enables document sharing between the CELA and CPCHE websites. Construction of the portal site will continue during 2004-05 with additional CPCHE partners. CELA and CPCHE gratefully acknowledge funding support of the Trillium Foundation for making the construction of the portal and additional integrated websites possible. CELA also acknowledges the excellent work of the entire team that has worked on this project including the staff at Commons Group, Communicopia, Econnect , the staff at CELA, and an extra special thanks to Jason Diceman at CoopTools .2. Power for Ontario’s Future – Energy Conservation and No Nukes Can Save Billions The Pembina Institute and CELA this week released “Power for the Future: Towards a Sustainable Electricity System for Ontario”, a comprehensive study demonstrating that by 2020 Ontario could save $14 billion by choosing energy conservation over building new nuclear power plants. The study examines the potential contributions to electricity supply from low-impact renewable energy sources, such as wind, small-scale hydro and biomass.  It outlines how Ontario’s future electricity needs can be met while phasing out both coal-fired and nuclear generation.For more information:Mark Winfield, Director, Environmental Governance, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development   (416-978-5656)Theresa McClenaghan, CELA Counsel 416-960-2284 ext. 218On-line: Power for the Future (Full Report; Executive Summary ) May 11, 2004 Media Release: Energy conservation could save Ontario $14 billion: new study - Study compares green energy vs. new nuclear plants 3. CELA Requests Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner to Investigate the Ministry of Environment’s Refusal to Fix Deficient Water Well Regulation CELA has formally requested the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario to investigate and report upon the McGuinty government’s refusal to review and revise Ontario Regulation 903 (Wells).  In November of 2003, CELA filed an Application for Review of Regulation 903 pursuant to Part IV of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). This Application outlined numerous deficiencies within Regulation 903, and raised concerns about its effectiveness and enforceability. However, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has recently advised CELA that the requested review of Regulation 903 would not be undertaken.  The MOE’s reasons for refusing to review Regulation 903 are unpersuasive and unresponsive to the concerns raised by CELA. Accordingly, CELA has requested the Environmental Commissioner to prepare a “special report” regarding this matter.  The Environmental Commissioner is specifically empowered under the EBR to question MOE officials and to compel production of MOE documents regarding Regulation 903.For more information:Richard Lindgren, Counsel 613-385-1686Paul Muldoon, Executive Director and Counsel 416-960-2284, ext.219On-line:May 14, 2004 Media Release: CELA Requests Environmental Commissioner To Investigate Ontario’s Refusal To Fix Deficient Water Well Regulation Cover Letter to Gordon Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Re: EBR Application for Review - Ontario Regulation 903 (Wells) Response of CELA to the reply of the Ministry of the Environment Re: EBR Application for Review of Regulation 903 (Wells) November, 2003 Application for Review of Ontario Regulation 903 (Wells)November 5, 2003 Media Release: Environmentalists call upon McGuinty Government to fix Deficient Water Well Regulation 4. Staff contact information: see Contact Us page on this site