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CELA today congratulates Toronto City Council for its leadership in responding to public concerns about unnecessary use of pesticides.

With a solid majority, Council passed the pesticide bylaw and in so doing reinforced the efforts of those advocating for similar bylaws in municipalities across Canada.

There are many reasons to be concerned about the effects of environmental contaminants, especially in children, and strong support to eliminate needless exposures. Toronto City Council has agreed with Dr. Sheela Basrur, Toronto's internationally respected Medical Officer of Health, that cosmetic or non-essential use of pesticides creates such needless exposure.

The proposed bylaw provides a powerful tool to enable the careful phase-out of these unnecessary uses of chemicals and their replacement with safe alternatives. In so doing, Toronto sets an example to the rest of Canada, indeed to the entire world. The by-law, like the Supreme Court of Canada decision that preceded it, is a victory for pesticide reduction and local democracy.

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For the text of the Supreme Court Decision on the Hudson, Quebec by-law
(June, 2001) see: