CELA Bulletin

CELA Bulletin 19-June-2003WWW.POLLUTIONWATCH.ORGRELAUNCH POLLUTION TRACKING SHOWS 20% INCREASE IN RELEASES Pollution releases to Canada's air, water and land increased by 20% between 1995-2001 according to the refurbished PollutionWatch web site (www.pollutionwatch.org). The popular PollutionWatch web site is a joint project of the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA), Environmental Defence Canada and the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy. Recently updated with 2001data and a new look, PollutionWatch was originally launched in 2001, modeled after the www.scorecard.org web site in the U.S. www.pollutionwatch.org once again provides Canadians access to pollution data in their community by typing in a postal code. Site visitors can create pollution lists at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, rank municipalities, provinces, facilities and companies, as well as determine time trends for 163 core chemicals tracked by Environment Canada since 1995.Other useful information at www.pollutionwatch.org includes chemical and health information, regulatory information, maps, educational tool kits for teachers, and the ability to contact facilities and decision makers.We invite you to distribute the www.pollutionwatch.org URL to your contacts or post a link on your web site.For more information:Paul Muldoon, Executive Director and Counsel 416-960-2284, ext. 219 Fe de Leon, Researcher, ext. 223E-mail inquiries: pollutionwatch (@) cela.caOn-line:June 19, 2003 Media Release: Canadian polluters increased chemical releases by 20% from 1995 to 2001 according to PollutionWatchversion francais: De 1995 à 2001, les pollueurs canadiens ont augmenté de 20 % leurs émissions de produits chimiques