CELA Bulletin

CELA Bulletin 11-December-2003This "E-Bulletin" (arriving via the "CELA Bulletin" listserve) to the mediaand members and friends of the Canadian Environmental Law Association(CELA) provides brief updates on current environmental issues in which CELAis involved. Contact information and relevant website links are also noted.Subscribe on-line at E-Bulletin Sign-up.In this issue:Superior Court Dismisses Industry Challenge of Toronto Pesticide By-lawThis week, Ontario's Superior Court of Justice dismissed the applicationfrom CropLife Canada challenging City of Toronto By-law 456-2003 toprohibit the use of pesticides. CropLife Canada is an associationrepresenting manufacturers and distributors of pesticides. CELA intervenedin this case on its own behalf and representing the Toronto EnvironmentalAlliance, the Sierra Club of Canada and the Canadian Association ofPhysicians for the Environment. Justice W.P. Somers ruled that the TorontoBy-law is legal under Ontario's Municipal Act and does not conflict withprovincial or federal pesticide legislation. The deadline for CropLife toappeal the decision is January 7th, 2004.For more information:CELA phone - 416-960-2284Paul Muldoon, Executive Director and Counsel, ext.219 muldoonp (at) lao.on.caTheresa McClenaghan, Counsel and Managing Lawyer, ext. 218 mcclenaghan (at) execulink.com On-line: December 8, 2003, Media Release: Superior Court Dismisses Industry Challenge of Toronto Pesticide By-LawOntario Superior Court of Justice DecisionPartnership for Pesticide Bylaws - Collection of materials in support of  municipal pesticide bylaws