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Collection of materials in support of a world-wide ban on all forms of asbestos

CELA is a member of Ban Asbestos Canada (BAC), a coalition of labour, public health, environmental and human rights groups, academic and scientific experts, and concerned citizens, victims and their families. BAC seeks to provide just compensation to those affected by asbestos, establish a national registry of asbestos diseases and provide a just transition to those still working in the asbestos industrty. BAC is dedicated to a world-wide ban on all types of asbestos and promotes support for the Rotterdam Convention and other UN Conventions and Programs aimed at controlling the international trade in hazardous substances, such as asbestos. Canada must take responsibility for the impact of its long-standing promotion of this deadly substance in Canada and abroad.     

Media Releases

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Environmental, Women's, Labour and Health Groups Around the World Call for Action to Save the Rotterdam Convention

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