Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 3 - 4, July - December 2002

Concerned Walkerton Citizens: An Appreciation

That life will never be the same for the people of Walkerton is an understatement. Bruce Davidson's moving chronicle of the fears, health problems and continuing concerns of the people of Walkerton does not adequately reflect one aspect of the lives of the Concerned Walkerton Citizens (CWC) - that is their generosity. In sharing their knowledge and determination with the rest of Canada, CWC main spokespersons, Bruce Davidson and Ron Leavoy are asked to travel far distances to address large and small gatherings of City Councils, legislators and just plain folks about their experience. Both are self-employed. Bruce Davidson sets aside time from his practice as a registered massage therapist and Ron Leavoy from his print shop to hit the road driving from remote Walkerton to gatherings across the Province.

In the course of their three-year ordeal they have had to become citizen experts in disease pathology, hydrogeology, legislative reform, nutrient management and in giving the 30-second sound bite. Their masterful grasp of these complex issues and grace under pressure is a marvel. Thankfully, they are in it for the long term not only for their own community but also for the rest of us. CWC has set about educating and training their children and community in the tough transitions to environmental sustainability. This might make Walkerton one of the most environmentally enviable places to live in the Province.