Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 1 - 2, January - June 2002

IPEN's Global Efforts to Implement and Ratify the Stockholm Convention Continue

On May 23, to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Stockholm Convention, International POPs Elimination Network, (IPEN), organized an International Day of Action aimed at encouraging governments to sign or ratify the Stockholm Convention. More than 70 activities in 40 countries (visit on all continents reaffirmed the global NGO's commitment to continued participation in the Stockholm Convention. The Day of Action also resulted in some significant country signatories to the Stockholm Convention when India and Russia deposited their signatures with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Russia added some drama to the day when their signature was deposited just hours before UNEP closed the list for Signatures to the Convention. After May 23rd, 2002, countries that have not previously signed the Convention can only accede to the Convention. IPEN continues to campaign internationally for 50 countries to ratify or accede to the Convention before the World Summit on Sustainable Development in August this year.

IPEN participating organizations will also be present at the INC6 session of the Stockholm Convention. The INC will continue to meet annually until the Convention enters into legal force and the first Conference of the Parties can be convened. IPEN shares the Canadian government's concern that the Convention enters into legal force as soon as possible, and is supportive of continued capacity building and assistance to developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

IPEN participating organizations and the IPEN secretariat are also organizing a major skillshare and workshop in Arusha, Tanzania that will be held in July 2002 (visit for more information). The Skillshare "Ratifying and Implementing the Stockholm Convention in Africa" which will be co-sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), has already attracted over 120 registered delegates from approximately 30 countries from all regions in Africa, including NGOs, government members and members of intra-governmental agencies.

The Skillshare will focus on:

  • developing an understanding of clean production, sustainable agriculture tools and techniques;
  • provide a forum for developing ratification tools; and
  • discussion of government led enabling activities that have been mandated and developed under the Stockholm Convention.

A full report of the Skillshare will be available shortly after the event.

Morag Carter is the International Coordinator for IPEN